Natasha Henstridge Details Sexual Assault Accusation Against Brett Ratner, Weinstein Harassment on Megyn Kelly - NBC Southern California

Natasha Henstridge Details Sexual Assault Accusation Against Brett Ratner, Weinstein Harassment on Megyn Kelly

Henstridge said her parents urged her to step forward



    In an emotional interview on "Megyn Kelly Today," actress Natasha Henstridge described Wednesday an alleged sexual assault by director Brett Ratner when she 19. She also said she was the victim of sexual misconduct at the hands of Harvey Weinstein, alleging the disgraced movie mogul masturbated in front of her.

    Henstridge first laid out her allegations against Ratner in an Los Angeles Times expose where she accussed him of forcing her to perform oral sex in his New York apartment. Five other women also came forward in the article accussing Ratner of sexual misconduct.

    "I don't want to get emotional again, but my parents are this lovely Canadian couple, who are very - they're the type of people that just, you know, keep your head down and don't make waves," Henstridge said during the tearful interview with Kelly.

    "You know, don't draw attention to yourself and you get on with it. I was really concerned and I didn't want to disrupt their lives and I know it's difficult for them to hear these things, but also have all of their friends and other family, you know, hear all these things," she said. 

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    Kelly said her parents urged her to step forward. "Both my mother and my father both wrote me. And even up until today they both said you have to do something. And for me, that was huge. They said you can't let this happen to other women."

    Ratner has previously denied the allegations leveled against him by Henstridge.

    The Weinstein Co. has sold the North American distribution rights to "Paddington 2" to Warner Bros., shedding its biggest upcoming release.

    Warner Bros. on Wednesday announced that it acquired the animated sequel, due out January 12. Several studios had engaged on bidding for the film, which follows the $268 million-grossing 2014 original based on Michael Bond's famous children's books.

    The Weinstein Co. has been moving to sell off its most lucrative assets in the wake of the sexual assault allegations against its former co-chairman Harvey Weinstein. The sale gives The Weinstein Co. a much-needed infusion of cash, with the price exceeding $30 million.

    "Paddington" Producer David Heyman earlier said he intended that the Weinstein Co. name to be "nowhere near" ''Paddington 2." The film was wholly financed by Studiocanal.

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