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Stewart, Colbert Tackle Super Bowl, Velveeta Recall

Stewart, Colbert Tackle Super Bowl, Velveeta Recall
"Velveeta shortage, No! What will I do without my milk based sodium phosphate, Stewart said.

Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert took on the Super Bowl matchup between the Seattle Seahawks and the Denver Broncos Monday night.

The hosts also used the football game to discuss Kraft's recall of 1.77 million pounds of Velveeta as well as the coincidence that both teams entering the Super Bowl this year are from states that have legalized recreational usage of marijuana.


"The Daily Show" host started his segment discussing the unfortunate timing of the Velveeta crisis.

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"Of course this year the matchup is between the Seattle Seahawks and the Denver Broncos, two teams hailing from states that have both legalized marijuana," Stewart said, "which makes this year's shortage all the more tragic."

Stewart continued to express his disappointment over Velveeta's crisis.

"Velveeta shortage, No! What will I do without my milk-based sodium phosphate," Stewart said. "I'll have nothing to dip my calcium hydroxide into."

Then, Stewart played a clip that claimed that Kraft had not disclosed all details behind the recall.

"I know what you're saying, this is not real," Stewart said. "Are you implying the makers of Velveeta would attempt to pass off as real some sort of blatantly artificial, clearly unnatural, synthetic creation? You sir clearly don't know Velveeta."


On "The Colbert Report," the host opened his show with a quick jab at Kraft.

"Kraft has recalled over 1.7 million pounds of Velveeta products for mislabeling ingredients," Colbert said. "They accidentally called it cheese."

Colbert then made a joke about the controversial subject of concussions in the NFL.

"I am still recovering from yesterday's NFL playoff action," Colbert said. "I watched so much football I got a contact concussion."

Moving to the Super Bowl showdown, Colbert had some fun discussing the teams to play the big game. 

"It's going to feature NFC champ the 'Seattle Sad Birds' versus the AFC champs the 'Denver Horse Ghosts' who last night defeated the 'New England Face Kites'," Colbert joked. "New England just could not respond to Denver's bold strategy of scoring more points."

Next, Colbert used the marijuana coincidence for some humor.

"But folks what really pinches my pigskin is that both of these teams hail from states that have legalized marijuana for recreational use," Colbert said. "Unlike other states which have legalized medical marijuana for recreational use. "

Colbert continued making more pot jokes.

"Pot and football do not mix," Colbert said. "They're like oil and water, or baseball and excitement.

Then, he explained what would happen should commercials cater to "doobie-toking" football fans.

"Before you know it all the Superbowl commercials will be for munchies and all the ads that are going to have freaky talking babies and animals," Colbert said. "I say save it for the commercials at burning man ya hippies."

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