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'The Karate Kid' Returns in New YouTube Red Spinoff Trailer for "Cobra Kai"

After 34 years, Ralph Macchio and William Zabka reprise their roles as Daniel La Russo and Johnny Lawrence for "Cobra Kai"



    It's been three decades since Daniel LaRusso and Johnny Lawrence fought at the end of the 1984's cult classic "The Karate Kid," and now Ralph Macchio and William Zabka are back to reprise their roles as the titular characters in the new YouTube Red series "Cobra Kai."

    The new trailer released Thursday shows Macchio's LaRusso and Zabka's Lawrence 34 years after their fight, living two completely different lives. LaRusso appears to be thriving with a new car dealership, while Lawrence is struggling to find his purpose in life. 

    Everything changes when Lawrence sees a young teenager being bullied and decides to spring into karate action again.  Inspired by the situation, he decides to become the teenager's karate instructor, which LaRusso isn't too happy about. 

    As the trailer ends it appears that the rivalry has been rekindled in the new series, confirming more martial arts action from the two stars that captured the audience's attention more than three decades ago.

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