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Tom Hanks' Time as Juror Comes to Early End

Jury Tampering Cited as Reason for Mistrial



    Tom Hanks' Time as Juror Comes to Early End
    Chris Pizzello/Invision/AP
    Tom Hanks was serving as a juror for a domestic assault case that came to an abrupt end because a lawyer thanked him for his service on the trial.

    A domestic violence trial that had Tom Hanks sitting juror came to an abrupt end on Tuesday due to interaction between the actor and an employee of the Los Angeles City Attorney's office.

    The prosecuting attorney made allegations that another lawyer working for the city approached Hanks outside of the courtroom and thanked him for his service. Citing jury tampering, defense attorney Andrew Flier asked the court for a mistrial.

    According to CNN, the defendant in the case was originally facing up to a year in jail but, because of the jury tampering allegations lawyers on both sides of the case decided to settle, offering the defendant a reduced charge of disturbing the peace and payment of a $150 fine.

    In a statement to CNN Flier said that Hanks seemed like a "very fair juror" and made it clear he was going to "vote in the way of justice."

    "He never disclosed what that justice was headed for, the defense or the prosecution," Flier said.

    The trial began last week and was expected to end on Wednesday. Hanks had been sitting trial for the entirety of the court proceedings but, due to the early settlement, did not get to vote.

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