Aaron Carter's Unfinished Memoir to Be Released Nov. 15

Carter details his time as a childhood star, as well as his other experiences touring with his brother Nick, Britney Spears and Michael Jackson

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Aaron Carter's unfinished memoir, titled "Aaron Carter: An Incomplete Story to an Incomplete Life," will be released posthumously on Nov. 15, according to the book's publisher Ballast Books.

The memoir had been in the works over the past three years, with author Andy Symonds conducting periodic interviews with the singer-rapper who rose to fame as a child. The book will detail Carter's struggles with family, drug abuse, mental health and his time on the road with other stars such as Britney Spears and Michael Jackson.

In one excerpt from the book, Carter describes his visit to Jackson's Neverland Ranch, where he claims he woke to the king of pop sleeping in his bed in his underwear, apparently sleepwalking.

“A couple hours later, something woke me. I sat up and found Michael [Jackson] at the foot of my cot in his tighty-whitey underwear." Carter said for the book. "I don’t know if he was sleepwalking or what, but he seemed to still be asleep. ‘What the f---!?’ I shouted and shook him a little to wake him. ‘Go back to your bed!’ He looked startled, like he was surprised to be there. He just mumbled, ‘Okay,’ then got back into his bed, and we both went back to sleep. I never asked him about it, and we never mentioned it. When I woke up in the morning, he was gone from the room.”

Carter also speaks about his relationship with his parents, who stole money from him, and his brother Nick Carter of the Backstreet Boys.

“I started realizing how alone I was in the world because nobody really knew me, not even my own family. I didn't even know myself. I was popular, but I didn't have an identity,” Carter shared.

Carter died Saturday at the age of 34. He initially rose to fame opening for the Backstreet Boys, before releasing his breakthrough album in the early 2000s, "Aaron Carter (Come Get It)," which featured hits such as "I Want Candy." He also took on acting roles in shows like Disney Channel's "Lizzie McGuire" and as himself in a reality show along with his siblings, "House of Carters."

The memoir will be available everywhere books are sold.

Tributes to the late Aaron Carter are pouring in following his tragic death at the age of 34. The musician died on Saturday at his home in California, his rep confirmed to NBC News.
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