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Miranda Cosgrove Recreates Her ‘Drake & Josh' Meme in ‘iCarly' Revival's Opening Sequence

The 'iCarly' revival's new opening footage was released Wednesday ahead of the show's premiere next week

Miranda Cosgrove
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Miranda Cosgrove is giving her fans an interesting treat in the "iCarly" revival's opening.

On Wednesday, June 9, Paramount+ released the opening theme footage from the show's highly anticipated revival ahead of its June 17 premiere. The video delighted fans for any number of reasons, one of which is the fact that the 28-year-old actress recreates her can-holding meme that originated in a 2006 episode of Nickelodeon's "Drake & Josh."

The popular meme focuses on Cosgrove's character, Megan Parker, sipping a soda and saying the word "interesting" as she uses her computer to research skin ailments that she wants to trick brother Drake (Drake Bell) into thinking he has.

In the new version, present-day Cosgrove is playing her "iCarly" character, Carly Shay, while holding a similar can and smiling at the screen of a more modern desktop computer. The footage also features the tune "Leave It All to Me," which is the original "iCarly" theme song.

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Fans were quick to voice their excitement about the moment, including one who tweeted, "omg love this progression for her." Another supporter posted, "I love it already omg."

The revived "iCarly" will catch up with the vlogger and her pals as they try to balance work, family and romance in their twenties. Original stars Jerry Trainor (Spencer) and Nathan Kress (Freddie) are also returning.

One performer who won't appear on the new version is Jennette McCurdy, who played Sam Puckett in the original. McCurdy explained during a February episode of her podcast that she quit acting a few years back and feels "ashamed" of her previous projects.

Earlier this month, Cosgrove told E! News in an exclusive interview that although she "really wanted" McCurdy to take part in the revival, she is also "happy for her because I know that her life's taken her in a different direction and that she's really enjoying what she's doing right now."

Check out the new opening footage in the video above.

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