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Paul Walker's Daughter Shares Never-Before-Seen Video of Her Late Father

Meadow shared a clip of herself surprising her dad, the late Paul Walker, on his birthday

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Paul Walker may have seemed like a tough guy on the big screen, but he was a real softie when it came to his one and only daughter, Meadow.

This vulnerable and emotional side to the "Fast and Furious" actor comes through in the few pictures and videos Meadow occasionally shares to Instagram. Most recently, the 21-year-old posted a clip of herself surprising her dad on his birthday. In the video, he walks up to a door Meadow stands behind waiting to shout, "Hi," prompting the action star to run backwards.

"What the hell! You just scared the hell out of me," he says through a fit of laughter. As he recovers from the fright, he pulls her in for a big hug.

While Meadow isn't a frequent poster on the social media app, she said, "I never thought I'd share this. But it felt right."

She added, "Be good. I love you. Stay safe. xx"

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Though it's been nearly seven years since Walker died in a tragic car accident, Meadow continues to uphold his legacy through her work at the Paul Walker Foundation. The foundation is currently raising funds for the Los Angeles Regional Food Bank to help those impacted by the coronavirus.

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