Tiktok Users Can't Get Enough of This Color Personality Test

The color personality test is going viral on the social media platform

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TikTok is a treasure trove of awesome dance videos and recipes gone viral, but the latest trend on the social media site has users taking a fun and revealing test.

In recent days, the Color Personality Test has captivated the attention of countless TikTok users, who are flocking to platform to share their results with followers.

The test, which is hosted on ktestone.com, prompts you to answer 12 short questions about yourself, including queries about your habits, temper and behavior. Question examples include: "How do you behave with your friends?" and "What do you enjoy doing on the weekend?"

Once you're done, the powers that be (aka an online algorithm) assign you a color. As part of your test results, you also get an analysis of your color and personality, and insight on what other colors you'll get along with.

Naturally, TikTok users couldn't wait to share their color personality with their online friends.


#horiscope #personality #green#personalcoloranalysis #personalcolortest

♬ Time adventure - r0x

Some people were pretty at peace with their results.


#greenscreen IM IN LOVE. Also it is the same color as my eyes like what??? #personalcoloranalysis #aesthetic

♬ original sound - brooke

And many felt that the color they were assigned was totally accurate.


this is scarily accurate #personalcoloranalysis

♬ original sound - brooke

Some TikTok users tried to convince their friends to take the test, too.


i am periglacial blue #greenscreen #personalcolor #fyp #foryou #sagecore #personalcoloranalysis

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Others celebrated their results and shared slideshows of landscapes featuring the color they were assigned.


Honestly it makes sense LOOL #personalcoloranalysis #serulian #blue #fyp #aesthetic #greenscreen

♬ backyard boy slowed and sad remix - LLusion

Of course, a few weren't so sure about the accuracy of the test.


i just ate a whole tub of icecream #personalcoloranalysis

♬ original sound - brooke

But people seemed to be overwhelmingly captivated by the online exercise.


#greenscreensticker #personalcoloranalysis #color #oasis #fyp

♬ Steven Universe - L.Dre

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