‘Freaky' Flips the Script on the Typical Body Swap Story

The latest Universal Pictures and Blumhouse collaboration is all about gory comedy.

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The pitch for “Freaky” probably involved something like, “it’s a mashup of ‘Freaky Friday’ and “Friday the 13th” with a little bit of “The Hot Chick.” And when you see it, you’ll know that’s not far off the mark.

(from left) Nyla Chones (Celeste O'Connor), Millie Kessler in The Butcher's body (Vince Vaughn) and Josh Detmer (Misha Osherovich) in Freaky, co-written and directed by Christopher Landon.

Through a mystical force, a murderous masked psychopath dubbed the Blissfield Butcher (Vince Vaughn) swaps bodies with awkward teen mascot Millie Kessler (Kathryn Newton). Millie, as the Butcher, has to find a way to swap back before more people are killed, and she is stuck in the Butcher’s body forever.

And just for some extra thrills, it’s being released on Friday the 13th.

Vaughn brings his signature comedic timing to the film in welcome moments of levity between the bloody body bashing. HIs subtle ability to capture the mannerisms of a teen girl without being too much of a caricature are fun to watch.

Kathryn Newton as The Butcher in Millie Kessler's body in Freaky, co-written and directed by Christopher Landon.

Newton really dives into the role of a misunderstood teen who suddenly gets a lot of power, albeit murdery power. Her best friends Josh (Misha Osherovich) and Nyla (Celeste O’Connor) aren’t easily convinced she’s who she says she is because, well, she looks like the Blissfield Butcher. And after a hilarious fight, and a quick thinking cheery chant, they join forces. 

The film is co-written by Christopher Landon and Michael Kennedy (“Family Guy”). Landon (“Happy Death Day”)  also directed.

Universal Pictures and Blumhouse are planning a wide release for “Freaky” opening the film in more than 2,000 theaters in the midst of the pandemic on the iconic Friday date. 

Blumhouse producer Jason Blum told Inverse “Freaky” is playing in theaters and not going straight to on-demand because of the agreement Universal has to let their films play for 3 weeks in theaters before going to VOD.

Audiences who venture into open theaters or a drive-in will see “Freaky” on the big screen. Everyone else will have to wait until after Thanksgiving to see just how “Freaky” it is.

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