George Lopez on His New Netflix Stand Up Comedy Special “We'll Do It For Half”

Lopez will make his Netflix original comedy stand up debut on June 30.

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Nothing is off limits for veteran comedian George Lopez in his new Netflix original comedy stand up special, “We’ll Do It For Half.” Except, he says, children and the way people look. Otherwise, it’s game on.

“I love Latino people all over the world. We don’t know each other, but we follow this simple rule. You f*** with one bean, you f*** with the whole burrito.” Jokes like that are Lopez’ signature style and have helped him carve out a nice niche for himself throughout his decades long career.

This is his first stand up special since “The Wall” in 2017. And as you can guess, “We’ll Do It For Half”  is an exploration of race, politics, and life lessons to be learned from the Latino community; especially the elders. Lopez credits his grandma as being his muse and many of his own family members are skewered in the routine. 

George Lopez in his Netflix stand up comedy debut "We'll Do It For Half" which premieres June 30.

“We’ll Do It For Half” was filmed in December at The Warfield Theater in San Francisco. He says even though it was filmed months before the pandemic and recent Black Lives Matter protests, the topics are still relevant.

“There is a lot of relevant material to what is going on today,” Lopez explains. 

He also says it’s more challenging to be a comedian nowadays because audiences take the jokes personally.


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“The unfortunate thing I think about stand up as a craft is, first of all, people take what we say way too seriously. There’s so much venom or straight out hate over someone. When before, it was I don’t really like his style, he’s too political. It wasn’t about me being Mexican.”

Lopez dissects cultural differences, emotional support animals, gender reveal parties, elevator etiquette and more in his special, which you can watch when it premieres on Netflix June 30.

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