Harrison Ford

Harrison Ford Injures Shoulder in Fight Scene Rehearsal on Set of ‘Indiana Jones 5'

The 78-year-old broke a leg in 2014 on the set of 'Star Wars; The Force Awakens.'

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Harrison Ford is taking a break from filming “Indiana Jones 5” after injuring his shoulder on set.

A Disney spokesperson said the injury occurred during rehearsal for a fight scene. Production was expected to continue while it’s determined what kind of treatment is best for the 78-year-old star.  

Changes to the filming schedule are expected.

Filming on the fifth installment in the series began earlier this month in the U.K. The film is set to be released in July 2022, more than 40 years after the release of 'Raiders of the Lost Ark.'

Ford has suffered on-set injuries before. In 2014, he broke his leg on the set of “Star Wars: The Force Awakens” when he was crushed b a heavy door of the Millennium Falcon at London's PInewood Studios.

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