How Much Toilet Paper Do You Need While Quarantined? A New Website Offers a Fun Way to Flush It Out

The results aren't scientific, but offer a lighthearted look at stocking up on toilet paper.

Justin Chin/Bloomberg via Getty Images

Be honest, how much toilet paper do you have in your house right now? And how much do you think you'll need to last during the recommended Stay at Home order? A new website offers to help you do the math so you don't overbuy at the store. was created by London based student software developer Ben Sassoon and artist Sam Harris. They explain how they created the website that uses visitors input to determine how long your toilet paper will last.

There are even advanced options to select how many sheets you use, how many times you "go", and how many people are in your household. Then through the magic of the internet, it calculates how long you will last with your current stash of TP during the quarantine. According to the website, based on 5 million visitors, the average user has 500% more toilet paper than they need for quarantine.

Sassoon and Harris say the goal is to reduce the toilet paper shortage around the world. Think you have enough? Visit to see for yourself.

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