Jo Frost, aka the Supernanny Shares Tips on Parenting During the Pandemic

Watch as family expert and author Jo Frost talks to Heather Brooker live on the NBC LA Facebook page.


In the past few weeks, parents around the world have found themselves not only in the role of caretaker, but teacher as well. Add to that the social distancing requirements from most local governments and little interaction with people outside the home, and parenting can start to cause anxiety.

We invited family expert and author Jo Frost, aka the Supernanny, to talk with us live on the NBC LA Facebook page to share advice for parents in this situation. She can also be seen on the Lifetime series “Supernanny” serving up her signature straight talk to families who need guidance. 

Watch Live: Entertainment Reporter Heather Brooker is talking to Jo Frost, aka the Supernanny, about parenting during the pandemic. What questions do you have about helping your kids (and yourself!) get through this time. #nbcla

Posted by NBC LA on Tuesday, April 14, 2020

Frost says parents shouldn’t expect to be perfect during the pandemic, and shouldn’t expect their kids to be either.

“Recognize that we’re going to do the best that we can and that is good enough,” Frost says.

She also offers advice on her social media channels and says she tries to answer as many questions from parents as she can. But the amount of people reaching out to her for help over the last month has been overwhelming.

She’s also the author of several parenting books that she says parents can gather useful information from during this time. In fact, many of the parenting strategies she recommends during the pandemic are the same strategies she recommends during more normal times.

“It’s creating a set of life skills that I feel are challenging us, and testing us to overcome,” Frost explains. 

She encourages parents to reach out to teachers, homeschooling friends, and experts for help.

“This is not a time for ego. If you don’t know, you don’t know.”

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