Lisa Loeb Offers ‘A Simple Trick to Happiness' On Her New Album

NBC LA entertainment reporter Heather Brooker talks with Grammy Award-winning singer/songwriter Lisa Loeb live on Instagram about her new album, and classic hits.

Grammy winner Lisa Loeb has been making music for almost three decades. Her most notable song, “Stay (I Missed You)” was a mainstay on mixtapes of hip 90s kids. She has continued to create memorable, heartfelt music since it was released on the “Reality Bites” soundtrack in 1994. 

Over the years she has made 15 albums, including her latest, A Simple Trick to Happiness. The album was released in late February and couldn’t have come at a more appropriate time. The world is reeling from the daily stress of the coronavirus pandemic, self distancing, and orders to stay home.

“This album is weirdly appropriate for right now,” she says. “It’s very personal. It’s about the ups and downs...but always with a brightside at the end.”

Loeb tells us during an NBC LA Instagram live interview that she is using this time of social distancing to connect even more with her fans.

“As a musician, years ago, one of the things I realized I like most about it is connecing with people,” Loeb explains. “Whether it’s hearing my stories, hearing my songs, or hearing their stories. I’ve started really appreciating that human connection.”

Loeb is also a mom of 2 and balancing the daily challenges of her work and homeschooling her kids. She says it’s been important for her to carve out some alone time when she can to help ease the stress. 

“I like to take a walk, write in my journal everyday, and I drink coffee. Even take a shower every once in a while.”

It’s those little things Loeb says is helping her find happiness during these dark days, while fans find happiness in her music.

You can hear her perform her hit “Stay (I Missed You)” during the live interview as well as “Sing Out” from her new album. You can find A Simple Trick to Happiness on streaming music platforms as well as her website,

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