25 Years of Pokémon: Find Trading Cards Inside McDonald's Happy Meal Boxes for a Limited Time

To celebrate Pokémon's 25th anniversary, McDonalds Happy Meal Boxes have been transformed into Pikachu's face and contain a special edition booster pack of trading cards.

You will want to travel across the land, searching far and wide for these special edition McDonalds Happy Meals.

To celebrate Pokemon's 25th anniversary this year, the Japanese media franchise is teaming up with McDonald's to transform its iconic Happy Meal Box into Pikachu's face. But that's not all. The boxes will also contain a special edition booster pack of Pokémon trading card game cards and a surprise gift.

"There are 25 exclusive trading cards to discover, and for the first time ever customers will receive four cards with each Happy Meal purchase," McDonald's said in a statement.

There are standard and foil versions of each of the 50 cards, all of which contain the Pokémon 25th logo.

Inside each Happy Meal, fans can also find one of two sticker activity sets, a Pokémon TCG display frame or a Pokémon TCG holder box. These will be housed in a Pikachu envelope (featuring different artwork of the popular Pokémon), according to a news release.

The offer began Tuesday and is only valid while supplies last.

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