‘Muppets Now' is Pure Muppets Magic Served Up Variety Show Style For Streaming Audiences

“Muppets Now premieres July 31 on Disney+.

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It’s time to start the show, with a modern twist. Kermit the Frog, Miss Piggy, Fozzie and the whole Muppets gang are serving up their signature variety-style show with "Muppets Now" on Disney+.

“Muppets Now” is The Muppets Studio’s first unscripted series and their first original series for Disney+. In the somewhat meta storyline, Scooter rushes to make his delivery deadlines and upload the brand-new Muppet series for streaming. They are due now, and he’ll need to navigate whatever obstacles, distractions, and complications the rest of the Muppet gang throws at him.

The Muppets Studio
Miss Piggy and Taye Diggs in "Muppets Now."

“It kind of answers the question, what would The Muppets look at and comment on in the age of streaming,” Kermit says. 

Guests stars are a staple in any Muppets production and “Muppets Now” is no exception. Linda Cardellini, Seth Rogan, Aubrey Plaza and RuPaul are just a few of the celebrities popping by to hang with the Muppets.  

The series will also feature a cooking Youtube-style show with The Swedish Chef, wacky science experiments with Dr. Bunsen Honeydew and Beaker, and a lifestyle show hosted by, who else, Miss Piggy.

“Muppets Now” premieres July 31 on Disney+.

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