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OK Go, Echo Park Continue Loving Relationship

Embedding videos is so last year. Users can now download "End Love" video for free.



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    OK Go dances in variable speeds at Echo Park for the "End Love" music video.

    OK Go, the band perhaps known for its creative music videos and vocal opinions on the recording industry, is continuing its love affair with Echo Park.

    The group's latest video, "End Love," is a variable-speed sing-along shot at Echo Park Lake (Yes, the same lake with a fish herpes problem, as Curbed pleasantly reminds us).

    "End Love" continues a long tradition of music video glory for the band.

    The band's last music video was also shot in Echo Park, taking viewers on a 4-minute Rube Goldberg machine ride through a two-story warehouse. Before that, there were the treadmills, and of course, some backyard dancing.

    "My band is famous for music videos," lead singer Damian Kulash wrote in a New York Times opinion piece, an article that could be described as the coming-out party for the band's eventual split with its record label.

    After EMI shut off the embed feature on the band's music videos, pageviews dropped 90 percent, says Kulash. OK Go believed in transparency and the web's viral potential. The label believed in its long-trusted business model.

    "If record companies can’t adapt to this new world, they will die out; and without advances, so will the futures of many talented bands," wrote Kulash.

    The band eventually left and formed its own record label, Paracadute.

    Now that Paracadute is in full swing, the band's latest Echo Park video is not only embeddable, they've added one extra "how do ya like me now" to spite EMI. The band is letting users download the video for -- wait for it -- free. A move that would certainly give any respectable EMI exec a panic attack.

    To further twist the knife, the band has introduced a prize package.

    "One winner will receive a personalized, engraved iPad from OK Go, loaded with the complete OK Go catalog of music and videos, as well as some exclusive content and apps we think are funny," according to the Facebook contest page.

    The "End Love" video currently has almost 100,000 pageviews. If the band's past YouTube success is any indication, expect those numbers to reach deep into the millions.