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Usher Open To A "Harem Of Women"



    Usher Open To A "Harem Of Women"
    NEW YORK - JUNE 10: Singer Usher poses for a photo on the red carpet at the 2010 Fifi Awards at the New York State Armory on June 10, 2010 in New York City. (Photo by Jemal Countess/Getty Images)

    Usher may be 32, but since finalizing his divorce from Tameka Foster last year, he isn't thinking about getting married again.

    "Seeing how marriage didn't work out for me the first time, I'm in no rush to do it again," he told Playboy's November 2010 issue.


    In fact, the superstar isn't sure he wants just one relationship.

    "Maybe I can find a couple of women who are open-minded. Look at how Hugh Hefner does it, with a harem of women," he told the mag.

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    Usher revealed that a host of women have tried to pick him up, using every line under the sun.

    "Sh**, what haven't they said to me?" he said when asked about their pick-up lines. "Every so often you meet a woman who's very aggressive. 'I'll make you feel things you've never felt in your life.' 'Once you get it, you'll never let it go.' All that."

    The singer added that although he's heard every line, women have been successful, "a couple of times."

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    As previously reported on, Usher filed for divorce from Tameka Foster in the summer of 2009, nearly two years after the two first married. The divorce filing came just a few months after Tameka suffered cardiac arrest shortly before she was set to undergo a plastic surgery procedure in Brazil. The couple had reportedly lived apart for almost a year at the time the papers were filed.

    Usher told Playboy that the attention he received from his divorce, which was finalized in Fall 2009, turned him into a different kind of a celebrity.

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    "In an era when sensationalism is more prevalent than anything, yeah," he told the mag. "People love a train wreck. Lindsay Lohan — everybody is eager to see how that comes out. This is somewhat the same thing.

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