Robert Downey Jr.

Robert Downey Jr. Takes On ‘Dolittle' With His Own Unique Charm

This "Dolittle" is more action packed than its predecessors.

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The tale of Doctor Dolittle and his special ability to talk to animals has been told twice before on film. Once in 1967 with Rex Harrison in the lead. And again in 1998 in “Dr. Dolittle” with Eddie Murphy, which was not as closely based on the 1920 series of books. 

Now Robert Downey Jr. is filling Dolittle’s shoes with his own style of charm. His wife Susan Downey is a producer on the project and says this version has more action than the previous two.

“I think this film has a higher action adventure quotient,” Susan Downey says. “Definitely something the whole family can enjoy.”

Downey Jr. says the caliber of talent involved with the film proves how good the story is. John Cena, Octavia Spencer, Michael Sheen, Rami Malek and Selena Gomez also star in the film.

“It was such a vote of confidence to see the caliber of talent that came to join our little circus,” Downey Jr. says.

“Dolittle” tells the story of Dr. John Dolittle who lives in solitude inside his 19th-century English mansion.  His only companionship comes from a variety of exotic animals that he speaks to on a daily basis. But when young Queen Victoria becomes gravely ill, the eccentric doctor and his furry friends embark on an epic adventure to a mythical island to find the cure.

“Dolittle” opens in theaters nationwide Jan. 17.

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