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100+ Degrees: Cool Down Ideas Around SoCal

Not ready for a surprise springtime sweat? Head for these chillier spots.



    Heat, Winds Bring Summer Preview to SoCal

    A heat wave brought sweltering temperatures, strong Santa Ana winds, and even a few brush fires to the Southland on Monday. Conan Nolan reports from downtown LA for the NBC4 News at 5 p.m. on Monday, May 12, 2014. (Published Monday, May 12, 2014)

    We mean, honestly now. Honestly.

    Those colorful foam pool noodles just appeared in the seasonal sections of Southern California grocery stores, and inflatable waterwings, too. And yet temperatures are already cross into three-digit territory?

    There's grumbling, there's sweating, and then there's making the best of what you can't change. (Not to make assumptions, but we've heard that controlling the weather tends to be a no-go.) How will you rise to the temperature's-are-rising occasion? In short, how will you cool off on the 100+ degree days?

    Why not head for...

    TV Show Tapings: If you've been to a live taping of a sitcom or talk show, you know to expect a few things: The taping takes longer than you think it will, the warm-up comedians are lively, and the soundstages are somewhere between frigid and arctic. Seriously, that must be a setting on every studio thermostat. Laugh, chatter your teeth, laugh again.

    Space Mountain: The cosmos are cold, scientists and movies like "Gravity" tell us, and they're not joking: Even theme park attractions inspired by space keep a nippier setting on the thermostat. True, The Disneyland favorite is over in a flash-and-a-half, but oh, what a flash: You're on cold-aired rollercoaster in near-complete darkness. Take that, over-sunny sunniness.

    Ice Skating: While our region has become well-known for its wintertime, palm tree-lined outdoor rinks, let us not forget that we have several indoor ice spots that stay open year-round for people ready to pirouette while rocking the mitten and scarves. Pickwick in Burbank'll have open hours during the May heat wave, meaning that while others sweat, you'll brrrrrr.

    Ski: Yeah, you'll need to drive a few hours, but Mammoth Mountain is staying open through Memorial Day, thanks in large part to some late springtime snowstorms (and not the especially dry winter). Nope, it probably won't look like this when it is hitting 100 degrees in Los Angeles, but this big snow was only days before the heat. Look at it if you need a quick cooldown.

    Ice Cream: It's the tried-and-true-and-tasty solution to overly steamy days, and ice-creameries in LA are forever on the up-and-up (cupcakes provide competition, for sure, but scoops reign supreme). You could go for a treat with an extra cold element: liquid nitrogen. The Ice Cream Lab in Beverly Hills uses it to make their delicious offerings, and while you yourself won't be touching it, you can think science-cool thoughts as you down the hot-weather goodness.

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