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$1.31 Scoop: Baskin-Robbins Deal

It's something sweet (and not too dear) to send the heat wave on its hot way.



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    It's a something sweet (and not too dear) to send the heat wave on its hot way: The Baskin-Robbins $1.31 scoop deal on Aug. 31.

    If you spent the final weekend of August hiding in a cool, dark cave -- or, perhaps, on your couch with Netflix, which is similar in spirit -- then you were practicing a time-honored Southern California tradition, the tradition of waiting out the predictable and uncomfortable blast of heat that comes near the close of summer.

    Or at least the traditional summer season, which wraps with Labor Day. And we can wave a fiery farewell to the heat wave, on Aug. 31, with an ice cream cone in each of our hands. Make that an ice cream cone that was procured for not a lot of cash. 

    That it's Aug. 31 should be a hint to the company behind this deal. You're right, it is Baskin-Robbins, and the famous 31-Flavors-a-torium is honoring Aug. 31 and summer and hotness and ice cream's ability to make us feel chillier with a $1.31 per scoop deal. 

    The Massachusetts-based chain has several Southern California outlets, spots sure to see a few queues on Monday, Aug. 31, because of the heat and because it is a Monday, and Mondays=dessert enjoyment. 

    It's true. Look it up in any book about staving on the Monday blues. You're bound to see recommendations involving ice cream.

    The deal will continue on every 31st day of the month for the remainder of the year, which just happens to be the ice-creamery's 70th anniversary. That means you have Halloween and New Year's Eve to score your $1.31 scoop, though candy and bubbly, if you're a grown-up, may take precedence on those dates.

    Of course, there is tax atop that $1.31, so stash a few extra coins. Good? Good.

    So better get your dessert-y deal in on Aug. 31, when the heat is still high and Monday is still Mondaying. Want to find a shop near you? Follow the scent of Rocky Road or Mint Chocolate Chip this way.

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