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25 Years of Wahoo's = 25-Cent Fish Taco

A California classic for a quarter? Someone's having a big birthday.



    25 Years of Wahoo's = 25-Cent Fish Taco
    The Wahoo's Fish Taco is a California culinary classic. Eat one for a quarter on Friday, Jan. 25 (the OC-born chain's 25th birthday).

    Locals generally show a lot of love for those restaurant chains that begin in their neck of the woods. Usually those companies will spotlight a couple of regional-type foods and they'll strive to connect with customers' specific interests.

    Wahoo's Fish Taco is pretty much the shining star where these examples are concerned. It started in Orange County a quarter-century ago, so there are the local roots. The regional-type food? Yep, it's actually in the restaurant name (that happens almost never). And the connection made with customers? You only need to step foot inside a Wahoo's to understand how it embraces and promotes the Golden State's vibrant surf-and-skateboard scene.

    Wait. Whatever. Scratch that. You only need to see a Wahoo's from the outside, and all of the various skate stickers, to know that it is a very Cali kind of business.

    Now Wahoo's Fish Taco is turning 25, and it is offering up its namesake dish for, wait for it, 25 cents. One quarter for one fish taco. The date is Friday, Jan. 25.

    Let's add that this is one birthday special fish taco per customer, too. So be cool.

    Happy birthday, Wahoo's. You know our favorite thing about a Wahoo's? Yeah, the fish taco is pretty freakin' awesome, especially that corny tortilla, but the whole place sports an authentic, laid-back vibe. Nothin' forced. Easy-breezy eating.

    Also, if you want to break out a whole bunch of "dudes" with your table-mates, no one'll give you a look. 'Cause everyone is doing it. Er, dude-ing it, rather.

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