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300+ Deals: dineLA Restaurant Week Opens

Will you go for the octopus comfit at Allumette? Or the trota at Gusto?



    Your Perfect Day at the Ballgame
    Melisse is participating in the winter dineLA. Intrigued? Make for the fine-dining favorite, or another dineLA participant, from Monday, Jan. 20 through Friday, Jan. 31.

    There are no downsides to saving cash on a good meal. Are there? Tapping chin, thinking. Nope. None. Zero.

    But when you have over 300 places to save cash at, and over 300 excellent, multi-course meals to choose from, an inability to choose may be the stickiest wicket of the entire enterprise.

    But choose you should, if you'd like to give dineLA, our region's gigantica Restaurant Week, a go. Oh, it lasts a substantial amount of time, nearly two weeks, so you shouldn't feel too pressured on selecting an eatery you've wanted to sample. But chop-chop, as they say; don't let it end.

    That ending? Friday, Jan. 31. The start? Monday, Jan. 20.

    As with past dineLA events, there are fresh headlines, fresh chefs, and new ways to take advantage of all of those discounted prix fixe menus, menus that showcase what the restaurant does best. One of the main stories of this go-around is the finer diner level of participants.

    CUT, Melisse, Patina, Spago, and Valentina are all participating in what dineLA terms a "pilot program" this time around. Yep, the flat-ticket price is higher than what you'll find elsewhere during the dineLA run -- that cost is $85 -- but consider that these spots are le creme de la creme. Call it a nifty way to slip into some haute cuisine action for under a hundred.

    As for the other prix fixe prices? Those are going to run $15, $20, and $25 for lunch and $25, $35, and $45 for dinner. And, again, that isn't just an entree, but two or three set courses, typically involving a starter and/or sweet at the end.

    Yep, your sticky wicket -- the inability to land on one or two spots you've wanted to try -- begins now. But begin you should, because restaurant weeks don't come around too often.

    This isn't a sticky wicket, though: Making advance reservations is key. Everyone wants in on good food and saving cash, so everyone'll be filling up seats. dineLA is many excellent things, but spur-of-the-moment-y it really isn't. Best pick your eatery days before heading out the garage, keys in hand and fine dining on your mind.