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40+ Different Tacos: You're Now Entering Tacolandia

The dish that can be done thousands of ways rules the day.



    40+ Different Tacos: You're Now Entering Tacolandia
    How much do you like tacos? Enough to journey to Tacolandia? The marvelous land is springing up at El Pueblo de Los Angeles on Saturday, June 28.

    There are many debate topics that can keep a dinner table lively, but one that hasn't ever been satisfyingly settled is "hard shell, corn tortilla, flour tortilla, or lettuce"?

    We are, of course, speaking about the best outer layer of a taco, the holder, the savory suitcase, which is a subject everyone has a pretty clear-cut opinion on. (And, yes, breakfast tacos are now arriving in waffles and french toast, so that adds a whole different dynamic to the tasty topic.)

    And it is a topic that is bound to arise, deliciously, when Tacolandia springs up, for a day, on Saturday, June 28, at El Pueblo de Los Angeles. It's the LA Weekly's annual salute to some of Southern California's and Mexico's best, most luscious, most piquant creations, and whether those creations arrive in a shell or tortilla is really just the beginning.

    Fish tacos and carne asada and chicken and calabacitas and everything that can be spooned into a tortilla will be served over 40 different ways over the day, so look for a few taco combinations you've likely never tried. We know, that doesn't seem possible, but consider that the taco is one food that can take both sweet and savory ingredients in practically any combination, as long as the ingredients don't get too plentiful.

    Maybe seven or eight, max, before a tortilla's holding ability is maxed out? Science, please look into this.

    It's forty bucks at the door and that'll give you five drink tickets, as well. Amoeba Records'll be on hand, with a prize wheel.

    It's a fine and right and good and stomach-nice way to round off the first half of the year. Taco-eating should be present at every chronological milestone, in fact. Isn't there a rule? There's probably a rule.

    Tacos ability to mark milestones won't dissuade people from gently disagreeing on the merry matter of corn tortillas versus hard shells, though. And don't even start us on lime or no lime. Or how much cabbage. Or how much Sriracha. Or cilantro or extra cilantro...

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