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5,000+ Jack O'Lanterns to Fill Descanso Gardens

A New York favorite will glow/wow over several October nights.



    5,000+ Jack O'Lanterns to Fill Descanso Gardens
    Rise of the Jack O'Lanterns
    Rise of the Jack O'Lanterns, a seasonal New York spectacular making its West Coast debut, opens at Descanso Gardens on Friday, Oct. 3.

    We've seen you dashing up neighborhood streets, nearly knocking the treat buckets out of trick-or-treaters' hands, simply to reach that one house that boasts a half dozen jack o'lanterns lining the front porch.

    Pumpkinists are a special breed of people, and we tend to get very excited over a well-carved jack o'lantern. More than that we get very excited -- and jealous -- when we hear about those quaint East Coast towns that fill their squares with thousands of lit jack o'lanterns over a single night.

    Be jealous no more, SoCalers: Rise of the Jack O'Lanterns is readying its West Coast debut at Descanso Gardens. And the pro-sculpted jack o'lanterns, which number around 5,000-plus, shall not rise over a single night, but rather multiple autumn evenings starting on Friday, Oct. 3. 

    Indeed, the smiley-faced orange icons shall number in the thousands at the La Cañada Flintridge gardens, creating an after-hours wonderland of candle-flickery atmosphere. 

    The time to take to see them all? Descanso puts it at a "45-minute stroll through the grounds." Just keep a look-out for some famous faces on the pumpkins, in addition to whimsical designs and traditional Halloween grins.

    The New York Rise of the Jack O'Lanterns, which started glowing a couple of years back, keeps on keepin' on, by the by: It's at the Old Westbury Gardens, should you find yourself in the Empire State and desiring a dose of pumpkin goodness.

    But we're happy to have a Southern California take on the seasonal scene as well. We'll never not dash for that one house on the block that has carved up a half dozen pumpkins, but seeing a few thousand, in an evening-eerie garden plot? Call it a creepily elegant nighttime to-do. No mazes or monsters, just jacks by the thousands, flickering in your direction.

    Tickets are timed, and the dates run through the Saturday after Halloween. Jump on yours, Jack.

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