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50th Fun: "Sound of Music" Sing-A-Long

Wave a sprig of edelweiss in honor of the classic's first half century.



    50th Fun: "Sound of Music" Sing-A-Long
    The Sound of Music
    Wave a sprig of edelweiss at the Hollywood Bowl in honor of the classic's first half century. Don your dirndl on Friday, June 26.

    Maybe you never got the personal marionette theatre you begged your parents for, the enormous kind that takes up the better part of the den.

    And maybe you never wore stylish togs sewn from sturdy curtains. And maybe, sadly, you didn't have a massive Alp outside your grand manor's front door.

    But despite all this you grew into a serious, lyrics-mastering maven of "The Sound of Music," by golly. You practically owned the 1965 film, in spirit, because you loved it a million billion times more than anybody else ever who had ever seen it ever.


    Prepare to take a seat among 17,000+ of your "Sound"-obsessed co-owners. Millions of people have become incredibly invested in the story of Maria Von Trapp and her song-filled journey from the convent to the governess quarters to the arms of Captain Von Trapp, and several thousands of those fans make the famous Hollywood Bowl "Sound of Music" Sing-A-Long a must must must-do each and every summer.

    Those movie memorizers shall be out at the outdoor amphtitheatre in lederhosen-rocking force on Friday, June 26. The sing-with-the-movie event is super-extra-way special this year, given that this is the 50th anniversary of the Robert Wise-directed movie, a winsome work that filled the world with all of the joyful Julie-Andrew-ness we film fans continued to crave following the 1964 release of "Mary Poppins."

    Are there special surprises and cameos during the evening? You know it. Do so many attendees show in costume in order to snag prizes and glory and the oohs/ahhs of every audience member they saunter by? So many people. Will fun packs be handed out? The gewgaw-filled packs do delight.

    So who will dress as a marionette, complete with strings? It's hard to pull off but think of all the warm and, yes, lightly jealous glances you may be on the receiving end of, among other costumed participants.

    Go as one of the goat marionettes and score extra awesome points.

    Last question, before we go, and feel free to discuss with your row mates at the event: When we really love something, and that adoration grows over the decades, and the name of the something begins with the word "the" as in "The Sound of Music," do we naturally start dropping the "The" at the front? Because the thing in question is so familiar and dear to us?

    Because who says "The Sound of Music" these days? To fans it is just "Sound of Music" or even "Sound."

    If any film qualifies here, it is the one that lionizes the simple things, like raindrops on roses and whiskers on kittens, and the important things, like family and hope.

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