Things That Make Angels Baseball Awesome - NBC Southern California

Angels Baseball LP

Picture-perfect moments

Your kids won’t be young forever… take pictures (lots of them) to capture those cute grins and remember the fun times. Especially with the giant baseball bats and red caps decorating the main entrance of Angel Stadium, you’ll have the perfect backdrop for your mini photo shoot. Say cheese!

The stadium menu

It’s not everyday you get to enjoy cheesy nachos out of a helmet or have colorful cotton candy delivered right to your lap. At baseball games, these treats are practically a requirement, and not just for the kids. Loaded hotdogs, buttery popcorn, cold beers, get it all— this is definitely the time to indulge. Your diet can wait until after the game.

The post-game show

Who said baseball was just about the action on the field? Turn your gaze upwards, and experience the magic and excitement of a fireworks show every Saturday night at the Big A. With vibrant colors and timeless music, it’s the perfect end to a fun summer day. Cue the ‘oohs’ and ‘aahs.’

Sporting your team colors

There’s nothing quite like showing off your team spirit—loud and proud—and joining the camaraderie of thousands of fans all across the stadium. Stop by the Team Store right behind Home Plate, or one of the many other merchandise locations, and find something to take home. Whether you’re looking to splurge on a jersey, save on a t-shirt in the Family Value section or build your own rally monkey, you’ll find souvenirs for the whole family at Angel Stadium.