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A Breakfast-Topped Burger

Observe National Hamburger Month with one meaty deal.



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    Three Seventy Common
    Get Three Seventy Common's loaded-up 10 Napkin Burger, plus a shot of whiskey and a PBR, every day in May except Sundays.

    There was a day, about a decade ago, that you could set up practically any type of food at a party, line up some dishes of toppings, and put the word "Bar" at the end of the name.

    Ice Cream Sundae Bar? Yep. Baked Potato Bar? You know it. French Fry Bar? A cousin to the Baked Potato Bar, so that works.

    But nothing could or can compete with a burger's top-ability. Look no further than the gourmet renaissance that our favorite patty has undergone as of late, and the items that now regularly appear on it. Jam, roasted garlic, peanut butter? Yes to all that.

    But one of the most outlandish of the burger entries comes from Three Seventy Common Kitchen + Drink of Laguna Beach. Its 10 Napkin Burger includes bacon, mushrooms, aioli, chile, cheddar, charred onions, and a fried egg. 

    If you're thinking to yourself "that would all go very well with a stiff shot of whiskey and a beer," you'd be correct. If you're thinking to yourself "that all should be part of a deal, since May is National Hamburger Month," you're right again.

    There is a deal on, just in time for burgerdom's holiday month. Go to the restaurant during the month of May, order the special, get the 10 Napkin Burger, plus a whiskey shot, plus a PBR, and pay twenty bucks.

    Make sure it isn't a Sunday, since the deal isn't on then.

    Don't wear anything too nice. Scratch that -- you'll want to look nice, going out, but expect a little egg on your face. And shirt. Well, if you're eating with gusto, which you should be.

    Hamburger deals, we're not done with you yet. Arrive slathered in jam, or Greek yogurt, or something novel, and we'll still be on board. There's nothing so toppable as a patty and bun, after all.

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