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A Day in the Life of a Rescued Otter Pup

Chloe joins the Aquarium of the Pacific's public sea otter exhibit



    A Day in the Life of a Rescued Otter Pup
    Robin Riggs
    Chloe, a sea otter rescued from Pismo Beach last December, makes her Aquarium of the Pacific debut on Thursday, Nov. 21.

    Whatever tasks you must face today, and to-dos, and errands, pause to think how similar your own existence might be to Chloe's.

    Chloe, a sea otter pup rescued after being found stranded on Pismo Beach at the close of 2012, has some pretty packed days of her own at her new Long Beach home at the Aquarium of the Pacific. She's been studying stationing -- which is "how to sit calmly in front of her trainer" -- and she is "learning to target a shape." Smartie.

    And while we humans might not be undertaking a course in stationing or target recognition today, many of us are, like Chloe, taking vitamins and enjoying seafood for dinner. She takes her vitamins in liquid form, and aquarium staff reports that she is "far from a picky eater," devouring clams, squid, and shrimp.

    Daily total intake? Seven pounds of food.

    Now the sea otter -- Chloe was the name chosen by Long Beach resident Marla Graham, who nabbed the chance to select a name through a membership opportunity event -- is set for her official public debut at the aquarium on Thursday, Nov. 21.

    The pup was deemed "non-releasable to the wild" after a stay with the Monterey Bay Aquarium. The MBA's own Sea Otter Research Research and Conservation was the group behind Chloe's Pismo rescue.

    She moved down south, to Long Beach, over the summer. (Aside: When sea otters need to move, do they pack up a few cardboard boxes full of abalone shells, urchins, and kelp?)

    The oceanic mammal has increased her weigh by a hefty six pounds during her Monterey and Long Beach sojourns. That doesn't sound like much, but consider that she is now 34 pounds.

    Days packed with shrimp consumption, skill learning, and general frolicking? Yep, we'd probably trade places with Chloe for an afternoon, depending on how cool the otters like their pool.

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