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A Height-Specific Free Meal Deal Returns

If you're taller than BierBeisl's chef, you'll get a gratis entree.



    A Height-Specific Free Meal Deal Returns
    Are you taller than Bernhard Mairinger, chef and owner at BierBeisl in Beverly Hills? You could get a free meal in June if so.

    Free meals very often involve a coupon or a barcode of some sort, or a piece of paper that proves you are the winner or recipient of a gratis entree.

    But at BierBeisl the coupon is, in essence, you. At least during the month of June, and if you happen to be taller than Bernhard Mairinger, the man who happens to be the owner and chef of the Beverly Hills restaurant.

    He is also the man who happens to be six feet, seven inches, a height that is impressive spelled out but the numbers seem to make it even more so: 6' 7".

    Now, where you come in: If you're taller than that, you can score a free meal at the Austrian cuisine-loving eatery during the month of June. That's one entree plus dessert, and you get to choose. That's sweet and pretty rare for a giveaway.

    This is year two for the unusual deal; last year "about a dozen people" nabbed a free meal because they were Taller Than Chef (the official name of the special). Many more statuesque diners lined up to try for the gratis eats.

    Interested? You'll be measured in the restaurant sans shoes on. But here's a good rule of thumb (or head, if you prefer): If you have to lean down a bit to get through the restaurant door, you're well on your way to being Taller Than Chef.

    If none of this applies to you, BierBeisl has other tasty doings. The sausage sampler platter features a savory quintet of the restaurant's most popular sausages. That sounds like a perfect Mother's or Father's Day outing to us, especially if some authentic brew is involved.

    Sorry, brunch. This year it's sausages for dinner for our special lady or guy.