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A Local Cartoonist Draws Himself 100 Ways

Animator Kevin McShane wraps up one colorful mega project.



    A Local Cartoonist Draws Himself 100 Ways
    Kevin McShane
    Local animator Kevin McShane drew himself 100 times in homage to 100 different animators and animation styles. Pictured: 36 Kevins

    It can be hard for a SoCaler's creative effort to go viral, if only because the bar is set rather high here in the Land o' Entertainment.

    But local cartoonist Kevin McShane has neatly jumped over the bar and kept on sprinting with his impressive Cartoon Kevin project.

    What's Cartoon Kevin? Mr. McShane, who is also an actor and filmmaker, spent several months painstakingly turning out self-portraits, but with a cheeky and impressive twist: Each Kevin is an homage to a famous animator, animation style, or cartoon.

    He's been posting them, one at a time, on his Tumblr, but the full spectrum of all 100 Kevins just debuted on his site.

    There are the easy ones to identify, of course. Number 72 is "South Park." Number 55 is Matt Groening. Number 23 is Charles Schulz. Once you start cursoring over the portraits, though, you'll want to see the whole batch, and definitely if you're an animation buff.

    Can you correctly guess the animator or cartoon before you check the credit?

    It's such a large-scale project, and so expertly realized, that it can make any other artist take pause before launching something they hope goes viral.

    And Mr. McShane? We wouldn't be surprised to see him running a series down the road full of his own characters. Which just means that some future animator will have to take on a new project where they draw themselves in the style of Kevin McShane.

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