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A Many Vino Weekend: LAWineFest

A sizable swath of winemakers will pour and discuss their wares.



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    LA Wine Festival
    LAWineFest returns to Raleigh Studios on Saturday, May 30 and Sunday, May 31.

    Raleigh Studios, or the Hollywood location of what is now today called Raleigh Studios, first began cranking out films a hundred years ago.

    The film business back in 1915 was a new and newly glamorous California export, sending out cinematic dreams to places around the globe. And what's set to happen on that storied plot of Melrose-adjacent land is also about a famous California export, though it is an export that trumpets sips over celluloid.

    LAWineFest, the annual and mega-sized gathering of regional wineries, shall not make films over the final weekend of May but rather fill glasses, over and over, with a host of excellent whites, reds, sparklings, and, yes, beers, from a lot of Golden State makers.

    Makers like Byron Valley of Santa Maria, Cielo Estate Wines of Malibu, Harlow Ridge of Lodi, and Shell Creek Vineyards of Paso Robles. Lots of outside-of-the-state winemakers shall show with the boxes of bottles, too, including Sun River Vintners of Washington, Loscano Wines of Argentina, and Casas del Bosque of Chile.

    Several regional brewers and beerhouses shall be welcomed at the city's "signature celebration for all things wine" as well. King Harbor Brewing Company, Reel Brewery, and Claremont Craft Ales shall be hops-ing up the happening.

    Bites shall abound, too, to keep tummies on the full side. Is "tummies" too cutesy? No matter: Any taster of many wines knows it is important to stay nourished. If "tummy" is your word, own it.

    And any oenophile also knows it is essential to line up that ride home, too. Do that ahead of heading for Hollywood, or, even better, invite your driving pal along and pay.

    Tickets? They're eighty five bucks each and the designated driver entry is $20. 

    Spending Saturday, May 30 or Sunday, May 31 walking the fabled lanes of one of the oldest movie and television studios around? While quaffing a fine California wine? Call it two major California dream industries uniting in a single spot.

    Or don't think too deeply at all: Just find your next favorite wine, the one you can tell your friends you tried first at a Tinseltown landmark.