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A Summertime Suds Party in Spring

Angel City Brewery's invited some food trucks over, and you, too.



    A Summertime Suds Party in Spring
    Angel City Brewing
    Summer isn't far: Angel City Brewery throws a food truck party on Saturday, March 30. Oh yeah: Beer'll be there, too. (Pictured: Revelers enjoying brews at Bloomfest.)

    Signs of summer are poppin' up all over -- a concert at the Pier, flower tours, outdoorsy things where we get to be outdoors and enjoy the outdoors in an outdoors-nice way -- but food-related, warm-weather happenings have a certain sweetness.

    Perhaps it is because al fresco dining feels slightly sybaritic, or perhaps it is because it is because we're in SoCal that we feel the need to enjoy meals under the sky. But we welcome summertime picnics, however they arrive.

    The first on the docket is being thrown by none other than Angel City Brewery on Saturday, March 30. Beer is involved, indeed, as one might suspect, but so are a whole mess o' food trucks. Crepes Bonaparte, White Rabbit Filipino Truck, Surfer's Taco Truck, and Gobbles & Oinks will all make showings throughout the day (so check times to make sure you coincide with your favorite cuisine).

    And inside the Arts District-based brewhouse? Tours -- expect to hear words like "hops" and "foam" -- and board games. And "cold beer," two words that are also synonymous with summertime picnicking.

    We know, we can stage these kind of happenings practically year-round here in Southern California, but they do have a tendency to start showing up once spring kicks into gear. Angel City Brewery, thanks for being one of the first out of the gastronomical gate on this one.

    And rumor has it that this is set to become a last-Saturday-of-the-month thing. That sounds like a nice thing to us.

    Can't make it? Angel City'll make a showing at LA Beer Festival at Paramount Studios on April 6. Yep, another party outdoors, which says that nicer days are well and truly on their way.