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A Sweet Slice of Country Baked Inside a City Pie

The Original Farmers Market hosts one of LA's oldest fall festivals.



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    Original Farmers Market
    Had your photo taken in the Original Farmers Market classic cut-out yet? It's a Fall Festival tradition. The free party is set, with all the sweet touches, animals, and such, for Saturday, Oct. 19 and Sunday, Oct. 20.

    City Mouse and Country Mouse have long been portrayed as being interested in a completely different pursuits. City Mouse likes the glitter of electric lights; Country Mouse the glitter of the stars. City Mouse wants dinner out while Country Mouse the perfect picnic.

    But City Mouse and Country Mouse don't have to disagree when it comes to one of our city's oldest fall celebrations. It happens plunk in the middle of the exciting, go-go-go action, at Third & Fairfax. And it is full of rustic-sweet touches, like a petting zoo and pie eating and people playing twangy, everyone-square-dance instruments.

    It's the Farmers Market Fall Festival, a party that's been around juuuust about as long as the famous public market itself. That's since 1934, by the by, so you know that they've got their hay barrels and scarecrows and banjo music and pumpkin carving and basket weaving down very, very well.

    The free two-dayer raises its bow and fiddle on Saturday, Oct. 19 and Sunday, Oct. 20.

    Some highlights? Well, all the music. Triple Chicken Foot is set to set strings alight and the San Fernando Valley Banjo Band'll make the trip over the hill. The petting zoo is awfully cute, as are the kid-ready to-dos found snug up against The Grove. Pony rides will be there, too, for a small fee, and inside the market itself? Plenty of fall-type eating for the purchasing.

    You do know that you can buy apple pie, apple fritters, and caramel apples at the Original Farmers Market all year long? Not just in autumn? We know. WE KNOW. Total. Happy. Wonderland. Please, FM people: Trademark that label, or a similar statement, because you practically own the concept.

    Fall-y beers and pumpkin lattes and such can be found within the labyrinth-like stalls as well, stalls that will look might orange-and-hay-ready for the autumn holiday.

    See? Country Mouse and City Mouse can socialize well together and they can have the best of both worlds. And surely Country Mouse loves the pleasures of the metropolis while City Mouse enjoys a little bucolic bash now and then.

    Good thing they can find both at Third & Fairfax.

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