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A Whole Lot of Rowrrr: Wonder of Dinosaurs

Something big is stomping into Pasadena; hear it?



    A Whole Lot of Rowrrr: Wonder of Dinosaurs
    Wonder of Dinosaurs
    Get about as close to a mammoth reptile as you're every going to at Wonder of Dinosaurs. It roars in Pasadena through Monday, Dec. 30.

    While there are many fictions surrounding dinosaurs and their many myths, there's one true fact that pretty much goes for everyone: All of us have the expectation that when we do encounter a group of dinosaurs together, a la "Jurassic Park," that various types and sizes will be well-represented.

    This is your daydream, too? We all share it. But it is hard to find a whole mess of 'saurs together, if only because A) they've been extinct for several million years and B) certain dinosaurs tend to grapple, as science and cinema has shown us.

    But not at Wonder of Dinosaurs. The whole kit 'n kaboodle of ancient reptiledom are all stationed cheek by jowl, or jaw by claw, you like, at the Pasadena Convention Center. This means that Spinosaurus isn't too far from T. Rex who is just a hop and a jump from Triceratops who is pretty dang close to Stegosaurus.

    Yep, this is totally your dino-based fantasy. Every dino ever, practically, just hangin'.

    The robotic, very kid-nice traveling exhibit is in the Crown City through Dec. 30, juuuuust about the time that a whole lot of people happen to be around Pasadena, ready to see other large, moving, whimsical things. But Wonder of Dinosaurs is strictly and straight-up about the scaly creatures we're all perpetually obsessed with.

    Fun bits? You can linger in front of your favorite dino as long as you like, as this is a walk-through exhibit. "Dino Rides" and "Dino Mini-Golf" are two possible to-dos, as is a Paleo Dig. And other ancient activities are in the house, too -- er, convention center.

    Not all of the 100+ creatures are robotic, but several are, note. Robot dinosaurs! For Christmas week! We want to see that television special. Or we can just head for "the largest traveling dinosaurs exhibition" in the country, and ask the out-of-towners we're hosting along.

    Because everyone has dinosaur daydreams, right? Fulfill a few of 'em in Pasadena before the New Year.

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