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Above LA: A New Book Goes Aerial

Photographer Michael Kelley -- the man behind the many-planes LAX shot -- goes for a golden hour view.



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    Michael Kelley
    Photographer Michael Kelley's book "LA Airspace" takes a very wide shot of our stunning metropolis. There's a Kickstarter on for the fine photography book.

    Say the words "golden hour" to people who live outside of the Golden State and you might be met with a shrug or a stare or a high five or a "woohoo," depending on how familiar the term is to the people who don't call California home.

    And while Californians don't have a trademark on golden hour, that perfect stretch of time around sunset when the world seems mistier and magical and softer and splendid, we do do it very well.

    Look to photographer Michael Kelley's in-the-works book "LA Airspace." You may know Mr. Kelley's name for that went-viral-in-seconds snapshot of LAX, the one with dozens of planes lined up in a single sky. 

    He followed that up with another trip to Los Angeles International Airport, this time to capture a morning-to-night day at one of the world's busiest plane hubs.

    Now Mr. Kelley has a "100% locally supported" book in the works, a tome full of taken-from-above photographs celebrating our vast city at a particular, and particularly attractive, time of day: the aforementioned golden hour. Mr. Kelley took the photos over two years and several parts of the region are featured.

    There's the Hollywood Sign, bidding adieu to the sun for another day. There are surfers riding the waves, catching the last light. And there are the skyscrapers of downtown, looking like fingers held up to the sunshine (with rays pouring through the space between).

    Consider that we typically see our city from above in movies (earthquake disaster films seem to love that sweeping shot of downtown), airplane windows (when we're tired from travel), and traffic reports.

    To enjoy its landmarks at the golden hour, from a gull's eye view, is a different and delightful take. Want more info on the project? Spread your feathers and turn your beak this way.

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