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All LA's a Stage (Especially on LA Stage Day)

A full Saturday is devoted to all aspects of the performing arts.



    All LA's a Stage (Especially on LA Stage Day)
    Bring your drama chops, or at least the will to spread the performing arts love, to LA Stage Day at Cal State LA on Saturday, May 18.

    If you're not a thespian of some sort chances are good that if SoCal is your home you a) live next door to one b) are related to an actor or c) could possibly fancy yourself pursuing the life of the footlights at one point.

    For while many a city has a solid performing arts scene, and some are powerhouses -- hi, Manhattan -- Los Angeles gets drama (and comedy and musicals and romances and, and, and...).

    LA Stage Day is all about that side of ourselves: the fanciful, storytelling side that plays out at dozens of venues daily around Southern California. It's called a "Community-Wide Performing Arts Bazaar," which about sums it up; companies of every stripe, tone, and type will gather at Cal State LA on Saturday, May 18 to do what they do best.

    And that is? Talk about, encourage, and further the creative process.

    Playwriting marathons, marketing to teens, social media and the arts, and a stage manager mixer are on the schedule. Writing workshops and melodrama focus are also on the agenda.

    Bringing the love is a full-scale who-is-who of the SoCal stage scene. Salty Shakespeare, Sacred Actor, and LOFT Ensemble will all be in the room, as it were.

    We were all set to type "this is a big portion of our bread and butter 'round these parts" but performance is more than that. It gives LA its one-of-a-kind vibe as a dream city. Yep, movies can dominate, but there can be months, even years, between an actor's performance and an audience seeing it.

    On the stage? That connection is immediate. LA Stage Day supports that immediacy by helping all the players do what they do better.

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