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Amazing "85 Oscars" Poster Debuts

Clear your schedule, movie lovers, and get studying.



    Amazing "85 Oscars" Poster Debuts
    Gallery1988 and ©A.M.P.A.S.
    A detail from the new "85 Oscars" poster from the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences, Olly Moss, and Gallery 1988. (Gallery1988 and ©A.M.P.A.S.)

    Whether movie magic is a scarce commodity these days is often debated in the comments sections of snarkier blogs, but there's no denying that the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences, artist Olly Moss, and LA's own Gallery 1988 delivered the goods on Tuesday, Feb. 12.

    That's when the Academy debuted its new "85 Oscars" poster. And for people who love their films, and guessing what a film might be from a single iconic reference, it is a bonanza.

    Surely you know the players, but a quick get-to-know-ya: Olly Moss is an acclaimed British designer. Yep, acclaimed, but not stuffy: Check out this array of takes on famous films. You'll like, if you like good stuff.

    And Gallery 1988 of Melrose and our hearts and imaginations? The art hotspot basically says that highbrow ideas and pop culture can coexist in a beautiful, BFF-type situation.

    Take a look at the poster in full: There are 85 statuettes, each representing a Best Picture winner, but each a bit different, the better to pay homage to the film. So "The Artist," which won last year? The Oscar is in black and white and sports a tuxedo and thin mustache.

    We shan't reveal anymore. But we can guess what cineastes might be doing at their cubicle computers over their next few lunchtimes. If you need to see larger versions of each Oscar, the Academy's site can kindly help you out.

    Movie magic, right? That question mark was just to be polite. It really isn't up for snark nor debate.

    The 85th Academy Awards is on Sunday, Feb. 24.

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