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An Auction Goes to the Oscars

Props from acclaimed films go on the block.



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    The Godfather
    Love the accordion from "The Godfather"? It's up for auction at Premiere Props.

    It's a fact that many people in this town, and places elsewhere, don costumes and hang decorations that are thematic to the films nominated for Academy Awards.

    Of course, this usually happens on Oscar Sunday, though if you want to place plastic gold statues around your house, for decoration, all year long, we say go for it.

    But there's another way to summon the spirit of the World's Most Famous Awards Show throughout the year, and in a very authentic way. Very authentic: You can own a piece of the movie.

    Nope, not the back-end or profits (oh, that would be nice, certainly, but, yeah, not gonna happen). We're talking a prop. Premiere Props will auction off several cinema-famous items and artifacts from Oscar-nominated films both new and not-so-new. 

    On the "not-so-new" roster? An accordion from "The Godfather" and production drawings from "Mary Poppins." On the "very, very new" line-up? A jogging suit worn by Bradley Cooper in "Silver Linings Playbook" and some pistols from "Django Unchained."

    A number of other movie props will be on the block. Some films that did not have a chance to dance at the Oscars are in the mix, too, in case you notice a few non-nominees on the rundown.

    The dates are Saturday, March 2 and Sunday, March 3, meaning you won't have your prop, should you be the highest bidder, in time for the Feb. 24 Academy Awards. But you can always plan ahead as to how you will display it for next year's party, right?

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