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Anaheim Con Readies for Biggest Star Wars Group Photo Ever

How's your Admiral Ackbar get-up coming? Best finish that sewing right up.



    Anaheim Con Readies for Biggest Star Wars Group Photo Ever
    Star Wars Celebration
    A look back at a previous Star Wars Celebration group photo. The Anaheim gathering, set form April 16 through 19, is going to go for a record-breaker on April 16.

    Remember when you were just a tot and some other kid at the school Halloween party wore the exact same plastic superhero costume as you? Which made you two twinsies? And you were beyond thrilled?

    That twinsies excitement passes as we grow older -- no one likes to arrive at a party wearing the same mint green taffeta gown as someone else -- but then, suddenly, one day, you really want to see several other people rocking the exact same Han Solo outfit as you.

    Like twenty Han Solos, all together, if such a wonderful thing were possible.

    The twinsie feeling shall be high at the mega Star Wars Celebration, which lands its Alderaan Cruiser at the Anaheim Convention Center from Thursday, April 16 through Sunday, April 19. 

    The huge fan convention will boast plentiful panels, star sightings, and such, but costume lovers will want to prepare, hard, for The All-Star Wars Costume Group Photo. Prepare as intensely as Luke honed his Force-attracting capabilities under Yoda's tutelage.

    You can see what a giant Star Wars group photo looks like from photos snapped at past Star Wars Celebrations.

    Take a look at the example above. Are there many Stormtroopers in attendance? Many. How about Red Guards? Yup, they're there. And is that a Wampa in that back? Oh wow, it really, really is. Cheers to you, unseen person who took that furry challenge on.

    So what's to know? You need to be a convention attendee to participate, so just don't show up in your Tauntaun costume outside, wanting to join, without registering first.

    If you are attending the convention, you'll need to be there on Thursday, April 16 for the 1 p.m. photo. That said, arriving at 12:45 is key, what with organizing all of the rebel faction and royalty, which, we imagine, is more challenging than lining up a family holiday photo. Because Wampas, right?

    The place? The Grand Plaza area. Find it in front of the Anaheim Convention Center.

    Your costume? Think "...Mandalorian Mercs, Saber Guilds, Dark Empire," and so forth. But who will go as the oboist for the Cantina Band? Someone should. Wait, though... was that an oboe that alien was playing? Or some odd intergalactic instrument? Either way, fans looking for costume ideas, please consider that guy.

    Also, Jawas. Also, C-3PO, which truly seems the hardest of looks to pull off (with all respect, dear Wampas of the world). 

    As Yoda would say, "you choose be it, whatever Star Wars character." 

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