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Animal Cameos at the Aquarium's 5K

Runners'll jog by beasties (and get free aquarium admission).



    Animal Cameos at the Aquarium's 5K
    Aquarium of the Pacific
    Participants at the Aquarium of the Pacific's Molina 5K Run/Walk will spy animals in the audience along their water-close route. Make for LBC on Saturday, Sept. 6.

    When it comes to any sort of run or walk, we tend to, at least at first, visualize the runners and the walkers, those participants rocking the bibs and moving along the streets or thoroughfare on the way to finish line.

    What we talk about less? What the runners see out in the crowds. Sometimes they spy friends, sometimes encouraging signs, and sometimes cockatoos, too. Oh, well, not in every race, of course, at least on the cockatoo front; but people who take part in the Aquarium of the Pacific's Molina 5K Run/Walk will be "greeted on the course by Aquarium mascots and live animals."

    The date? Saturday, Sept. 6.

    You probably were handed a few orange slices on your last competitive run, but you likely didn't pause to learn more about the ocean's health or mammals in the water or such. Call the Aquarium of the Pacific run a traditional healthful 5K with a nature-focused twist.

    And some glorious oceanfront running, too. The course kicks off at Rainbow Harbor and wends near Shoreline Village, so, in addition to visiting with animals, you'll take in a few classic Pacific vistas as you reach your peak.

    And after? There shall be an awards ceremony, yes, but stay longer: You'll get into the Long Beach institution, gratis. It's part of your registration fee.

    So what if you're a bit sweaty? The jellies and crabs don't care and moisture reigns supreme 'round the aquarium. Plus, seeing all of those sweet animals along the run will likely inspire several participants to want to spend more time with the beasties, post-runner's high.

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