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Announced: 2016 Walk of Fame Stars

Hollywood's starriest -- and sidewalkiest -- honor welcomes the Class of 2016.



    Announced: 2016 Walk of Fame Stars
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    The Hollywood Walk of Fame revealed its 2016 honorees on Monday, June 22. Quentin Tarantino, Bruno Mars, and Cyndi Lauper are among those who will receive the starry honor.

    You may have a member of the Class of 2016 at home right now. They might be cleaning out their backpacks, and thinking about senior projects, and reviewing class reading lists as they head into that last year of high school or college.

    Or, you know. They may be kicking back, because it is summer vacation, after all.

    Tinseltown, however, is home to another kind of Class of 2016, where the assigned reading sometimes involves Oscar-worthy screenplays and upcoming projects might have a budget topping 100 million. We speak of the Walk of Fame honorees, those stars and professionals chosen to be forever immortalized upon the the sparkling sidewalk of Hollywood, California.

    Is it just about the look-down-iest landmark on earth? Well, maybe alongside the cement handprints at its neighbor, TCL Chinese Theatre.

    Leron Gubler, President and CEO of the Hollywood Chamber of Commerce made the big reveal regarding next year's honorees, a time-honored announcement that typically arrives right around the first day of summer.

    On the list? Actor Kathy Bates, she of "Misery" and dozens of excellent films and shows. Filmmaker Quentin Tarantino, the man behind the film "Hateful Eight," due this Christmas. More performers including Tracy Morgan, David Duchovny, Bradley Cooper, Ashley Judd, Kurt Russell, and Michael Keaton, all people who will be out and kneeling on the red carpet, as is tradition, at their 2016 ceremonies.

    LL Cool J, Bruno Mars, Itzhak Perlman, and Cyndi Lauper are among the musical stars on the roster.

    And each year, the posthumous honors bring a bittersweet note: Actor Toshiro Mifune and "Mama" Cass Elliot will be remembered in Hollywood in 2016.

    As to where exactly the stars will be located for these honorees? Stay tuned. Addresses will be revealed.

    As to how this all happens? A star on the Walk of Fame starts with a nomination, and a form, which can be found here.

    As to whether the Class of 2016 will take a zany group photo, like a high school senior class might? That's a tall order for a busy group of performers, artists who are very often on the road.

    But we'll dream of the day, one year, when the Walk of Fame honorees band together and get special matching t-shirts made.

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