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Announced: The Bowl's "Chicago" Cast

Stephen Moyer will star in "Chicago"; Brooke Shields directs.



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    Stephen Moyer will star as Billy Flynn in "Chicago." The musical, directed by Brooke Shields, dances for three performances at the Hollywood Bowl over the final weekend in July.

    Broadway may get a lot of the headlines where musicals are concerned, either because of casting choices or venue changes or simply that a new show is set to be staged.

    But Los Angeles has a few musical-type surprises up its glittery sleeve, surprises that can compete or even sometimes best the best of Broadway. One? The late July or early August Hollywood Bowl musical event. Big stars and a big director get attached to a big musical that runs for three nights, and three nights only.

    The 2013 summer spectacular was just announced, and it lives up to the largeness of past productions like "Rent" and "Hairspray." The show? "Chicago." The stars? Stephen Moyer as Billy Flynn, Lucy Lawless as Mama Morton, Drew Carey as Amos, and Samantha Barks as Velma.

    Director? Brooke Shields.

    Oh, Hollywood Bowl, you get downright splashy in the hottest days of Southern California's summer stretch. And seeing Stephen Moyer from "True Blood" as one of the most famous razzle-dazzlers of the stage? Fans will like, we predict. (Is that even a prediction or more of a factual statement?)

    Single tickets are now available.

    And before, when we pondered what Los Angeles had up its glittery sleeve? We take that back. LA is more of a sleeveless kind of town, right? Both because of the weather but also because we like to put it all out there, no secrets.

    Also, we have to end on the "sleeveless" imagery, too, given the famous costumes of "Chicago." If you're gonna go Fosse, you're gonna go a little bare in the shoulder, and that is right and good.

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