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Another Bonus Pool Day at the Annenberg

The beach-close Santa Monica hang out is opening its swim spot yet again.



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    Annenberg Community Beach House
    The historic Annenberg Community Beach House will open its pool for another bonus day on Monday, Jan. 20.

    When people who marvel about strange weather look back upon this month, they may refer to it as Augustuary or perhaps Januly. And they may dub the season summinter or winterummer.

    The fact is that it feels very much like the hottest period of the year, as anyone who has stepped outside or looked out a window since the holidays can confirm. 

    It's an unusual run, even for a place that's known some unusual runs. And even more unusual? Swimmin' holes keep opening, as if it might be the beginning of June and not smack dab in the middle of January.

    The Annenberg Community Beach House -- you know the historic property, right off the beach in Santa Monica -- threw open the doors to its crystal-blue rectangle over the first weekend of January. And they're going to do so again, for a "bonus pool day," on Monday, Jan. 20.

    Want a pass? You can buy yours starting at 9:30 a.m.

    The pool was once a part of the Marion Davies Estate. If you've never seen historic photos of this spread, they're quite remarkable. The multi-wing house, which was a gift from William Randolph Hearst to his silver-screen starlet companion, was substantial and sprawling, both.

    If passes go quickly, though, and you arrive when the pool is full, take heart: Summer will see the popular spot reopened on the regular. There's also the Pacific, just steps away, so you and your swimsuit can head for the waves.

    Will there be more bonus days to go? Will swimming pools set a record for wintertime reopenings? And what did the Santa Monica of Marion Davies's day look like? Ponder those questions as you do the backstroke at the celebrity's former stomping grounds.

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