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Apple-Up, LA: Mondo Cider Fest

It's like fall in a glass, with a grown-up twist. Ready to try a few?



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    Apples (and pears and other fruits) are a hallmark of cider. Try the spicy stuff, in all of its grown-up beverage-sipping glory, at Raleigh Studios on Sept. 19. (Photo by Matt Cardy/Getty Images)

    Is it gauche or totally acceptable to jump-start autumn a few days ahead of the season's official debut?

    It's a tricky question. We don't like to seeing holiday shows too early and we don't want springtime to arrive on Valentine's Day. But if there is a beverage involved, one that has a lot of history and hue and lovely, lovely depth, well, we'll call it fall a few days early.

    And so shall be the crisp-flavored case on Saturday, Sept. 19 when LA Cider Fest rolls out the apples at Raleigh Studios in Hollywood. Well, proverbially, of course, as the apples will already be inside the libations flowing from the taps and jugs and bottles, vessels all brimming with cider-y goodness.

    Is this the "adult" cider vs. the kind that comes alcohol-free, in a cozy, cream-topped cup? It is indeed, so feel free to call it "hard cider" if you wish. And please be 21 or over if you'd like to buy a ticket and attend.

    Cider is on the up-and-up -- and-up-and-up-and-up -- in the beverage world, and the purveyors on the Raleigh Studios grounds, some 50 or so in all, will reflect the juicy breadth of the fruit-luscious form.

    Eaglemount Homestead Cider, Julian CiderWorks, and Sea Cider Farm & Ciderhouse are just a trio of the top cider-makers that'll have their sippable wares out that day.

    There are a few "Tasting Experiences," too, to select from, so if you're looking to have a more unique libation sensation, visit the area that puts the spotlight on the sweet ciders or perhaps the pavilion that's all about cider in the raw.

    As for the organizers? Lauded local cider expert Mark McTavish of Half Pint Ciders is the honcho behind the gathering along with Hand Crafted Tasting Co., so count on true-blue cider aficionados to be in attendance. (Question: Are cider aficionados "true-blue" or more "true-golden," given the cider's typical warm character?)

    As for the food? There shall be vittles there, the kind that lend oomph to apple-y flavors.

    While we're dallying a bit with the calendar here, jump-starting fall a few days ahead of its actual Sept. 23 debut, ciderians should not dally when it comes to purchasing a ticket. The Early Bird entrances are already sold out, and other fans of the autumn-lovely beverage will snap up cider admissions faster than an apple falls from a tree.