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April Fools' Day: Zoos Get Pranky

LA Zoo, San Diego Zoo, and more institutions mark the jokey holiday.



    April Fools' Day: Zoos Get Pranky
    LA Zoo
    Were the meerkats really roaming the lion enclosure in the middle of the night? Awww, LA Zoo, you got us!

    So was a mob of meerkats actually roaming the lion enclosure at the Los Angeles Zoo at just after 2:30 in the morning on April 1?

    Wait. April 1. Apriiiil 1. Hey. Just a dang second. LA Zoo! You! You got us. You really did, you sneakies.

    While various web properties and companies dip a tentative toe in the April Fools' pool, with little jokes and asides here and there, many of California's most famous zoos and aquariums jump, paws and claws first, into the mischief-minded merrymaking.

    The Los Angeles Zoo did indeed post photos to Facebook of some zany meerkats calling upon the big cats in the middle of the night. It makes for a cute pic, but we'll assume the snapshot that says "lion enclosure" in the corner was doctored.

    Wait. You can change photos that go on the internet, right? Huh. We think we heard that, somewhere.

    San Diego Zoo is also in the silly spirit of the holiday. A post on the zoo's Facebook page reads "Did you know? Pandas, at rest, always point magnetic North. Their fur also turns completely white in the days leading up to an earthquake."

    Wow. Who knew that the gorgeous animals also had a promising future in seismology studies?

    And Monterey Bay Aquarium, which has been in the swing of winky things in years past -- remember the giant sea monster photo? -- posted a snap of sunset at the Cannery Row landmark. Oh, yep, forgot to mention: Looks like Jupiter and Saturn are dominating the evening sky.

    We know the Monterey area is magical, but we had not idea it had the gravitational power needed to summon the distant planets of the Solar System.

    Best keep a watch on your favorite site devoted to beasties. People who love and work with animals do tend to keep a special twinkle in their eye, especially around April 1.

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