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Aquarium Welcomes Penguin Chicks

Floyd and Roxy, residents of the June Keyes Habitat, are first-time parents.



    Aquarium Welcomes Penguin Chicks
    Aquarium of the Pacific
    Long Beach's Aquarium of the Pacific recently welcomed two Magellanic Penguins. The chicks' parents? Floyd and Roxy. They're residents of the June Keyes Habitat.

    When a clutch of handsome penguins stepped foot -- er, or flipper -- into the Aquarium of the Pacific's brand-new June Keyes Penguin Habitat in May of 2012, the oohing and aahing started in earnest around town.

    Because, penguins? Let's call them the ooh-and-aah-inducers of the avian world. The waddling, the serious expressions, the tuxedo-hued plummage. It's nearly too much to take.

    But what aquarium fans didn't realize -- or perhaps they did, with fingers crossed -- is that sometimes big penguins make little penguins.

    And so Floyd and Roxy, two Magellanic penguins living the Long Beach institution's chilly habitat, have recently done. Two chicks, born a month ago to the pair, just made their penguin webcam debut on Tuesday, July 30. 

    We have to pause and ask an honest question: Can you reside in an animal park or aquarium *without* your own live cam now? We're just saying. Beasties of the world, if you find you and your co-beasties somehow cam-less, we implore you to speak to your agent or manager at once. It isn't right.

    The fluffy chicks, which do not yet have the classic markings of an adult penguin -- patience, patience -- are as of now nameless, but we're hoping they'll be monikered with something as old-school and classic as their parents.

    Oh, and here's an interesting factoid: The chicks' down is replaced by their grown-up feathers after three or so months. That's fast, but indeed necessary, given penguins' clime. (Downy feathers, while cute, are, well, downy. Brrr?)

    To learn more about the chicks and to admire them before they go on exhibit in the habitat, alight at the Aquarium's helpful penguin HQ.

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