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Arrr? Arrr! The Pirates of Belmont Pier

Swashbuckling SoCalers suit up for a water-close grog fest.



    Arrr? Arrr! The Pirates of Belmont Pier
    Pirate Invasion of Belmont Shore
    Have your tri-cornered hat at the ready? The Pirate Invasion takes to the land of Belmont Pier on Saturday, June 29 and Sunday, June 30.

    If you're into breeches and beaches, we bet you'll agree with us when we say there are a few true things one can say about pirate-themed parties nowadays:

    1. The revelers tend to arrive by land, usually freeway and side streets, and not by ship. This is good, though, because their outfits tend to be rather elaborate, and we don't want to see their historic get-ups looking too salty.

    2. There's a lot of "arrrr!" afoot at a pirate fest, and if an attendee is not "arrrr"-ing enough they need to step it up.

    3. Captain Jack Sparrow is there in spirit, and very often in costume, too.

    4. Tri-cornered hats, eye patches, swords, breeches, and buckled shoes are out in full force.

    5. Shanties will be sung bawdily or not at all.

    The long-running Pirate Invasion of Belmont Pier happily adheres to many of these touchstones, which is why it is among the biggest of the SoCal swashbuckler gatherings. That people really do dress, too, is a major factor, and watch them do so again on Saturday, June 29 and Sunday, June 30 (this despite the fact that we're in for a very toasty weekend, a weekend that isn't necessarily made for traditionally robust pirate clothing).

    What else is on deck, literally? Sword fights, a pirate encampment, treasure hunts, and a pirate-themed market. Oh, and musket and cannon action twice a day, too.

    Alfredo's Beach Club is the big red X on this pirate map, and the price? No gold or silver needed: Getting in is free, but if you desire ale or anything at the market, cash should be in your stash.

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