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Art That's Both Creepy and Cute

"Simultaneously bone-chiling and heart-melting" works go on display.



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    Creepy Cute
    "Simultaneously bone-chiling and heart-melting" works go on display at the WWA Gallery in Culver City from Jan. 12 through Feb. 9.

    January is Art Month in Los Angeles. It's a time for mega photography and international shows, and special events of a creative, museum-centric nature, but it is also a period to get to know SoCal's galleries and the more offbeat works of those Angelenos who wield a paintbrush or sculptor's mask.

    "Offbeat" has become so overused as to no longer be an offbeat word, but it truly applies to Creepy Cute, an elegantly odd exhibit set to launch at the WWA Gallery in Culver City on Saturday, Jan. 12.

    What qualifies as creepy and cute? A bunny sitting atop a dinosaurs head (the dinosaur is wearing an old fashioned smoking jacket and necktie, natch). An otter gnawing upon an over-sized sweet. And a giant, placid slug nestled under a skull.

    "Simultaneously bone-chilling and heart-melting" is the rule of the day, says the gallery, so look for artworks that challenge and even shock, but with a heavy dose of mirth. Seven artists, including Peter Adamyan, Jonathan Bergeron, Dee Chavez, Desiree Fessler, Kelly Hutchison, Larkin, and Chase Tafoya are participating.

    Creepy Cute is on exhibit from Saturday, Jan. 12 through Saturday, Feb. 9.

    If seeing all of that interesting art puts you in the mood to see lots more, take note: photo l.a. returns to the Santa Monica Civic on Jan. 17 and the LA Art Show 2013 is downtown starting on Jan. 23.