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August Between Two Slices: It's Sandwich Month

Yep, you can PB&J it at home, but where will you get the perfect fried chicken sandwich?



    August Between Two Slices: It's Sandwich Month
    Club Sandwich
    August is the official month de sandwiches. Or is that every month for you? SoCal offers up an array of offbeat sandwichery (as well as the tried-and-toothsome staples of the genre).

    Certain sandwich ingredients, like clockwork, or something as equally as dependable, become momentary superstars on the restaurant scene every couple of years or so.

    Peanut butter? Yep, that one's as predictable as a planetary orbit. Every 12 months the humble and ubiquitous spread is seen again in the chicest restaurants topping the fanciest breads. Spam, chutney, and bacon all have seen their sandwich thrones taken away and re-bestowed, time and again.

    Bacon never strays far from its culinary throne, because it knows it'll be re-crowned momentarily. Truth?

    August, which is National Sandwich Month, is a fine time to sample what's again hot in this bready substrata of the food world. It makes sense that this is the stretch of the year we spotlight this everyday cuisine: School is back in session, which means sandwich consumption rises (a brown bag without a PB&J is a rare thing indeed).

    If you yourself don't rock the brown bag on a daily basis, how will you mark the sandwichiest of months? You might check out the offbeat 'wichery at...

    Plan Check: We're just going to type these words, which you'll see on the menu at the Sawtelle Boulevard eatery, and walk away, because they don't need further festooning: Southern Fry Chicken Sandwich. No more need be said (except it has spicy green pimento cheese, uh, so, yeah, yum).

    Goldie's: The opened-earlier-this-year West Third Street spot has a clutch of interesting sandwiches, including Goldie's BLT, which contains both an avocado and a fried egg. The only issue is once you eat a BLT with an avocado and a fried egg, can you go back to the basic?

    Stella Bara: There are probably a thousand ways to make a great meatball sandwich -- is "a thousand" too low? -- but this Hollywood joint's savory take goes for the organic. Organic pork, that is, plus organic tomatoes. The other classics, like basil and mozzarella, are accounted for as well.

    And, of course, the Los Angeles County Fair is set to open on Aug. 30. Which means you'll have two days of National Sandwich Months to enjoy the oddest sandwiches in all the land. Krispy Kreme Sloppy Joe, perhaps? You know you're curious.

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